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Van an toàn – Safety valve SV300

Model : SV300

Xuất Xứ : Liên hệ

Tình Trạng : Liên hệ

Giá Bán : Liên hệ

Bảo Hành : 12 tháng

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Safety valve

Van an toàn

The safety valve comprises:
• Housing with PN16 flanges per ISO7005-2, EN1092-2
• Pilot valve 66-300
• Control circuit with ball valves on inlet and outlet
• Control circuit with integral rinsable filter insert
• Ductile iron housing, cover plate and diaphragm plate
(ISO 1083), powder coated
• Red bronze/stainless steel regulating cone
• Stainless steel pressure spring and control rod
• Fibre-reinforced NBR diaphragm
• NBR and EPDM seals
• Stainless steel valve seat
• High quality synthetic material control circuits
• Brass compression fittings
• Brass pilot valve housing
• Stainless steel filter insert
Safety valves of this type are controlled by the medium flowing
through it via a pilot valve.It is preferably installed in branches of
supply pipework and protects downstream parts of a system
which are at risk from unacceptable excess pressure which can,
for example, be caused by pumps.
If the inlet pressure to the valve rises up to the set opening pressure, then the valve opens immediately to the maximum flow
position. If the pressure falls to the set pressure, then the valve
closes slowly to prevent pressure shock loads.
Special Features
• High flow capacity
• Light weight
• Powder coated inside and outside – Powder used is physiologically and toxicologically safe
• Integral control circuit and ball valves
• No external energy required for operation
Range of Application
Technical Data
Medium Water
Operating pressure Max. 16 bar
Opening pressure 1 – 12 bar adjustable
Operating temperature
Max. 80 °C
Nominal pressure PN 16
PN 25 on request
Minimum pressure 0.7 bar
Connection size DN 50 – 450

Method of Operation
Safety valves of this type limit the pressure in the pipework
because any over pressure in the pipework causes the valve to
open, which then balances the pressure. After rapid opening, the
valve then closes slowly to prevent pressure shock loads.

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