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Thiết bị cân chỉnh cân bằng nước

Model : VM242A BasicMes-2

Xuất Xứ : Liên hệ

Tình Trạng : Liên hệ

Giá Bán : Liên hệ

Bảo Hành : 12 Tháng

Để có được giá tốt nhất, quý khách vui lòng liên hệ 0933.707.707 gặp Mr Lãm




Handheld flow measurement computer

Product specification sheet


The VM242A BasicMes-2 consists of:

  • Handheld flow measuring computer with colour display, rechargeable batteries and lanyard
  • Bypass assembly for zero calibration and venting of the hoses
  • Red and blue pressure hose
  • Adapters and accessories
  • Carry case
  • For a detailed parts list see ‘Scope of Delivery’ further below


The BasicMes-2 is a handheld measuring computer for flow measurements in hydronic heating and cooling systems.

The BasicMes-2 measures the differential pressure over an orifice, for example a valve seat. Together with the kv-value of the orifice the flow is calculated using the kv formula. The kv-value of all Honeywell balancing valves as well as some common valves of other manufacturers are stored in an internal database. Manual input of the kv-value is also possible.

Apart from differential pressure and flow measurement the BasicMes-2 has the following functions:

  • Two temperature sensor inputs for simultaneous (using two sensors) or successive (using one sensor) temperature measurements
  • Data logging function with programmable interval and duration
  • Leakage test with programmable test pressure and duration
  • Memory to save measured values
  • PC connectivity to download measured data from the device onto a PC including PC user software
  • Print function in combination with optional pocket printer (accessory)

Special Features

  • Easy to use device with compact dimensions
  • Large backlit colour display
  • Integrated valve database
  • Bypass for venting of hoses and zero calibration
  • PC connectivity with software included
  • Robust case for device, accessories and optional pocket printer
  • Magnet on back to attach to metal surfaces

Technical specifications

Basic device specification

Medium Water or glycol-water mixture, glycol content max. 50%. Quality to VDI 2035
Medium temperature -20…120°C (-4…248°F)
Ambient temperature 5…40°C (41…104°F)
Storage temperature -20…60°C (-4…140°F); see note below
Static (burst) pressure max. 32bar (464psi)
Differential pressure max. 17 bar (247psi)
min. 0,05 bar (0,73 psi)
Differential pressure
up to 1bar: 0.1mbar

above 1bar: 1mbar

Accuracy <3% of measured value

in range of ±10mbar better than ±0.3mbar at stable conditions in ambient temperature range

Scan rate Normal: 1Hz, average value of four scans (time slot four seconds)

Fast: 4Hz, no averaging

Interface USB, HP-IR for communication with pocket printer
Weight 2.5kg including accessories and carry case
Dimensions 470 x 370 x 110mm
(length x width x height)
  • Storage temperature below 2°C (36°F) only when device and pressure hose assembly are drained

Units and Display

Pressure units mbar, bar, hPa, kPa, mH2O, inH2O, psi
Temperature units °C, °F
Flow display up to 5mbar: no display

0…1,000l/h: resolution 1l/h

1…100m3/h: resolution 0.01m3/h

100…1,000m3/h: resolution 0.1m3/h

1,000…10,000m3/h: resolution 1m3/h

kv-value input kv < 1 in increments of 0.001

kv 1…99.99 in increments of 0.01

kv 100…999.9 in increments of 0.1

kv 1,000…10,000 in increments of 1

Density correction factor 0.10…5.00kg/l in increments of 0.01kg/l


Internal Temperature Measurement

Measuring range -20…60°C (-4…140°F)
Accuracy < ±1K
Resolution 0.1°C


External Temperature Measurement

Measuring range -20…300°C (-4…572°F)
Accuracy ±2K from 0°C to 133°C

otherwise 1.5% of actual value, according to EN50379-2

Resolution 0.1°C



Power supply Four rechargeable batteries type AA, mains charging adapter supplied with device
Power consumption Typically 70mA with display brightness of 60% (default)

max. 120mA with 100% brightness

50µA for real time clock during power down and log mode



Standard languages English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish
For other countries a flash upgrade can be downloaded from the DocuServer.
Eastern Europe English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovakian
Northern/Southern Europe English, Danish, Swedish and Turkish


Scope of Delivery

  • VM242A BasicMes-2 handheld measuring computer with four rechargeable batteries and lanyard
  • Set of hoses with bypass assembly and Honeywell
    SafeConTM quick connections
  • Battery charger
  • USB cable
  • Two adapters Honeywell SafeConTM onto Rectus 21 (for connection of BasicMes-2 to Honeywell valves with old style PT valves)
  • Two adapters Rectus 21 onto 3/4″ internal thread
  • Carry case with foam insert
  • User software on CD-ROM
  • Instruction manual with pocket guide

VM242 BLACK HINH MAY HINH MAY DO vm242a0101age25cohres (2)


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